Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Renaissance in Reverse

Liberal economics are based on the industrial work-ethic revolution, which is a post-feudal state of affairs.  We use liberal economics but live not so much in an industrial society but on an industrial globe, industry interests and the conditions are their workforces now very largely elsewhere.  (In Europe,  all our quality industry is in a medieval or at best, reverse-Renaissance state.)  Therefore theres a massive imbalance within this country, this society which can't be plastered over by the market economic theories of Keynes, nor even the more radical reactions of Schumpeter.  Mistake ye not, this is a post-industrial culture and we're only beginning to theorize what that means. 

Do we find a new medieval idyll ?  We have to treat technology with contempt, or become slave to its death-culture.  Regarding the death, we aren't merley talking about its application in drone war, but its 
primary deception;  it mirrors real life while actually being on the contrary, an unsentient machine which has chain-ganged us into being stokers to its ever growing engine rooms.  (we built it to serve us, now we serve it, because its now infinitely seductive in, and of, itself).  Never mind its pervasiveness - into our private time and how that reconfigures our ability to perceive objectively.
A computer began by being a machine with an end.  Now its multi-functionality supersedes and transcends its utility.

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