Thursday, 23 July 2015

God is old fashioned.  
Grief is old fashioned.  
The world is old fashioned. 
Cosmic laws, whatever they are, 
don't do whatever they want.
disasters happen.  
What we do here matters somewhere else.

Ezra, Eliza & Euclid

Aubrey moos in blind drunk darkness
in violent perambulations
cobblestone reveries
Missed the daily service
attendance by pretty girls hath fallen
maids supply mouldy button 
sponges and 
hot english dirt water
construction sore tea

Puritan long shadows
windfarm nouvelle clutter,
The land of Jute
Beer, gin hophouse distilleries
Gabled farm yawns
whiskyplate famine harmony
One is sure Wycliff 
wanted to be a viking.


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