Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pre-Industrial Gothic Revival / Arbeit Mach Frei

Concerning Greece, the appropriately named Michael Fuchs (Chairman of the German Group of the Trilateral Commission & Deputy Parliamentary Floor Leader for the German Christian Democrats) says "They have to get back on track" but who's track?  His track - the unending, indentured servitude of the German protestant work ethic with the need for insuperable, exponential industrial growth.  I hearby declare 'Arbeit macht frei', the old-testament thumping protestant toil ethic to be the wrong track, no one needs to be more like the Germans, and they've certainly not ditched the superiority complex.  Perhaps Merkel's country needs to get back on track, maybe the one it was on pre Luther, or at least before the industrial revolution.  That would be a good track to be on - to check the lunacy that the Chinese growth model is predicated upon, plastic consumerism, obsolescent motorcar manufacture. 

I am dismayed, being a devotee of deutsche auto technik, of how many superfluous models Mercedes, VW, and Audi are rolling out.  They should restore more existing old models, as there are too many cars in Europe.

*climatically its not possible to have industry on the scale of northern countries in southern countries.  You just have to experience any part of summer in the med to realise the difference - of course there isnt the urgent need for providence in the south because northern winter's require surplas storing (hence the north's industrial prowess). 


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