Sunday, 18 November 2012

What brought me here, so Removed from my fate?

A lugubrious lecture on Daoism puts me to musing,  perhaps happy as only a madman 
can be in an audience, smirking while thinking of other things
To see why a dog doesn't eat clementines I pounce on the orange flesh
and tear at it with piercing teeth, hands beneath the table. We both have canines in the corners.

This bar full of boring intentions, a meditation leaning post. The arrogance of humanity
at full beam.  This is what dim lighting seeks to address. 
What too drink.. all too ghastly when not in the rhythm..scotch, gin, gay light rum, smoothest thrice filtered Irish dews.  Cochise would abhor this fate
you could say international finance has become quantum physics, its about movement, speed and not any substantial location, or to paraphrase Heraclitus, there is nothing wrong with the world, its just men who think these things.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

 C                         C7
I aint promising you the earth
G                              D
I aint even promising you the u.s.a


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