Monday, 1 February 2016

Knotted Castle

I made friends with a tooth,
for he was alone,
had lost a friend,
needed an embrace
For there are deserts
as well as canyons in our

We are the Ossuary People, 
Inlaid with abalone
bone brigands with

snaffled desires
poached in vinegar
and lusting after tardy  
secular saints
full of joyous horror

Heart, flag and cross, 
God preserve us
endear us & enjoin us
In a waxen-blood franchise

Are people mad enough 
to call themselves 
this or the other ?
Reiterating, reconfirming
driving the knives deeper 

I must believe myself for 
I am not lonely,
but a whole.

idyllic remains by a river, 
Gin soaked beauty 
shimmering like grey vanity
over early autumnal
domicile drivel In extended and
expansive bliss.

Candle light and rain,
looking for twilight in vain
shining across the
short-cut lawns 
dusky cadences 
long & glorious 
cast out like furnace coal 
by the dragging afternoon.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

To live and die in Londis

One doesn't live in London,
one dies in London.

A Winter Queen of Bohemia in
our midst
Elsewhere lives too
dry Elizabeth Essex.
Dream of brimmed lotions,
quicksilver and
final, eternal rule.

The snail dance meets
the Stork's rising
to phoenix family
Oh yes, the praxis wheel
reccuring 'infinity',
shivering daggers of flame.

The more they have,
the more resentful they get.
Resentful bores
who, being ignoble,
in the end become
most soft-boned.

Atheism, pointless too,
because Nihil is also
a God
The Aesthetic preferable
to mere Ascetic. 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

De Montfort

Gamblers, Marquesses
impious ridiculous drunkmen 
dawn duels attended 
by liveried heretics
Wanton cornucopias of privilege,
epicene, tragic crusaded singularities
passaged by bacteria
dessicated coconut confetti,
chalky wines of monks and Kings,
fine Colombusted snow-drivel,  the
sugarcane of Corinthian Gods.

In essence there are few
who reach attic tragedy 
as attainment
they are never philosophers.
Tragedy is impersonal nobility,
tragedy is a fiery dragon on 
a turning wheel.


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