Tuesday, 24 April 2012

booze, butties and butterflies

"Equal but different".
Denies individuality..prevents human rights, has to dehumanize by levelling everyone.  Levelling isn't the same as raising up..quite the opposite.  For us to all be peas-in-a-pod, together in superb social harmony, we all need to be the same. Since we cannot all be the same, we are made us much as possible to think the same. (see all totalitarian Eastern European states, all inspired by rationalism).
The problem is always of who it is that decides, who sits council, on what is equal and what is not.  Those who are more equal vs. those who are deemed less equal.  The problem of the supremacy of a minority is henceforth not solved.

 If we are indeed all equal but different,  if this is in fact self-evident, what is there  to object to?  If this was in fact an objective truth about humanity, or of human existence on earth,  then why oppose and create division with ideas of inequality? What is there to negate?  How could this state of objection arise if it were, in fact, not so? 

Milton's Lucifer  - or, the origin of modern American conspiracy theories- whether they have the hues of christian, democrat, or republican.  Notably, they orbit around and if not center on, the Jew.   This has historical precedence in the Reformation where initially, the foe was Popery, and its adherents Catholics.  These are puritan diatribes, affirming the same old self-righteousness of people in the time of James I in the early 17thC, down to what they deem the other, lesser reprobate peoples (a kind of bad seed, prone to wickedness and evil) whom they can pronounce judgement and damnations upon.  IT is essential Cane trying to re-condemn Able.

Liberals in the U.S. often talk of being hushed, of their dissent marred by
a consensus-making media run and funded by capitalist greed-elites who wish to crush civil liberties.  While this is evidently happening, they often forget their own empowerment and mobility, that they are in turn galvanised by
a shrill, domineering, wealthy elite - Hollywood, people - their own Vox Populi  {"speaking on their behalf, giving them a voice"} such as Fonda+, Farrow, Redgrave, Penn, Moore, Sarandon who seek to encrust their gilded lives with a halo of whipped cream and sentimental schmaltz.  'Tis well known that the vast majority of Hollywood heavies are firmly democrat*.  
Yet, the problem of the supremacy of a minority isn't not solved, when the supreme minority appears to support an insignificant majority.  

*[notable exceptions to this rule being Hoagy Carmichael, Clint Eastwood & Arnold Schwarznegger].   +{married media oligarch Ted Turner, has since silenced herself}. 


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