Monday, 26 August 2013

The South
was the backdoor
of the civil war
Tamar was a temple prostitute
Rahab, the madam of a brothel
Ruth, the most moral,
a shameless sexual exploiter
Bathsheba committed adultery
with King David.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

All good Lutherans

Theyre all Lotharian now, although 

there's some doctrine
buzzsawed by Bolivian
drumrolled in the tragedy of peasants

Cash on trees like the avocados
All good Lutheran tradesmen
swearing by Peruvian moons,
Insensible, they called us
they put truth on trial.

Cashed you like a 
chequing account darling,
Screw your 
like tinfoil

 ain't good for you - 
unlike avocado
put some sauce on the fire

You wonderful imperfect foil - you bear the burden of my soul
in your body so swell

In a wounded world
the sparrow has his home
the swallow finds a nest for
her young

The age of direct assertion
makes most in its path
but man,
man has nowhere 
to lay his head


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