Friday, 20 September 2013

doner days
are here again
the triumphs of slavery
and other gems
for sons of trailblazers
at the end of raised brows

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bitten by visions of Virgil

Bit by bit, don't
bite into my influenza,
scrape and turn your shawl -
does it bring work to your heart ?
trenchant fear, subjective and near -
flax and twine,
aphid nectar, walnuts and Syrian wine
while next it tastes tenderly as 
sawdust and lime

Content with the morrow, 
which is wearier than old ale
crushed grapes of matchless sorrows,
the myth on evening's horizon
(of horizon's menu)
Could you give any figs as you sit here,
blooming rooms, hearths sputtering all hours
In unison minds 
married to the hereafter

Quickly, and plaintive through
churlishly lithe, 
I find your swines swimming
on the riverside with my swans
But do not let us quarrel any more

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hysterical Triumphs of the Supine

Working in a candy store
in untailored dummy clothes
of cardboard blue
'tis no recipe for a tastefull dalliance

When Knox bought cadavers
from Burke and Hare
The junk always assembles
at the end of the pier

I've been biased toward my right hand

Hagiography and rot,
inability to feather-line the cot

All is as brittle as Bulgarian shacks 
in Dumont
Let the tardy parvenus
drown in detergent, formica


Its a male hypothesis,
essentially antithetical to women
politics, philosophy.
It's refreshing that they do not care.

Today's another day
smothered with daktacort
a tear's another tear,
just as
I've been loving animals for years.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Where were you at the beginning
when madness, along with fairness
was just a cause
at the birth
of a cool breeze

You could be manichean
'neath the jewel thief sky
before a blue green sea
lonely as a hungry dog
with half dead family,
teeth missing like a whore

One of these days
gonna shine my own shoes
in barbarous despair,
in suicidal ecstasy,
It ain't fair
these harridans got
their hooks in me

Monday, 2 September 2013

Where hillbillies declaim 
Shakespearean proclivities 
and bluegrass ascends 
the crenelated stair of baroque,
As faded ornamentation of the Saracens, 
counter-reformation built on 
foundations of flamenco dancing 
& strains of
black veined mulatto's 
Therein contained, 

lay concealed
in musky mystique, are
seven veils 


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