Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Monolith Gaze

In state controlled countries such as Burma, street business is booming
while large companies in liberal democratic economies are self-destructing with the exception of banks, who, in the Vampiric glory of bail outs, live on. 
Breaking up these monoliths would be preferable to consolidation 
(Schumpeter's creative destruction).
Capitalism is a vague abstraction like Communism.  The negative
aspects of both are the same thing - the monolithic rather than
the distinct freedom of the creative peculiar.

Zizek  opposes the gangster capitalism of former
GDR states like the one he comes from.
The cause of this gangsterism isn't capitalism but
the former communist state-monolith bureaucracy. 
The former and the current state of affairs are not a synthesis.

He is an apartment-confined intellectual,
but with Zizek I agree on at least three things- that Success mantra is repugnant,
and that the bank-monolith-Mammon's shouldn't of been bailed out; and
that ecological destruction is the Only conclusion of the previous two.

We are in unanimous agreement that the success mantra of corporate culture is
nauseous and culture would be greater if we Celebrated not Optimism but the
tragic - which reached its apotheosis in the crucified man-god.
The crucified man God - Christ - is the natural outcome of the
pantheon of classical gods. This was achieved by
(much maligned as merely the era of famine, plague  & maniacal superstition)
catholic culture at its height.
Nietzsche was unable to equate the self sacrificing god into his masterly essay, The Birth of Tragedy. He could not perceive, blinded as he was with his classical palate, by an instinctual distaste for Lutheranism,
that Christ was synthesis, Alpha & Omega, the outcome of the classical
conundrum, equitable with Zarathustra, after Diogenes and Heraclitus.


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