Sunday, 30 December 2012

After Infinitude

To facilitate science's labour of disenchantment
the marriage of  the continental with analytical
they're erecting outhouses pro-rata
anticipating the arrival of drunks

The so-called speculative realist position
for the most part feels
like poison by the ice bucket
a world of abrasive scouring
inside the yellow gauze of
gondola jaundice

the last drink in
 the last bar in
 the last warzone

(I redress my shortfallings by b&w photographs from the front lines)
A hypothetical retroactive annihilation

of all forms
by extinction.

How the fabric of matter itself
isn't rankled, I don't know.

A neo-scholasticism appropriate
to transhumanist speculation,
dense and allusive

The age of
direct assertion makes most in its path
It starts with one line or word
paint feelings absurd
not sure, or inflated
it seems feted, least of all
dark and unrelated
to the carry on of the great 
and gurning juvenile 

A painting a day
keeps truth at bay
I need a show in great haystacks
to feel gay
and keep bailiffs away.

Friday, 28 December 2012


love is the fall
and nothing else
With this quart of six
I am a mystery
Applying my melancholy
To the sex

and there are those who don't want to fall
but the fall is perhaps all
the sense of no gravity 
the ground ceasing to limit
Fearless and nimble and phobic
all at once
Fair of heart, ye maidens..
fair as maidens demure

Sunday, 16 December 2012

We were supposed to go out of the world, into ourselves
but instead we
went out of ourselves and into the world.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Winter Song

In winters heart lies 
a rueful wretch 
with many
names, none to be particularly
fearful of

death and the 
manure of rebirth
sauntering over hell
in pagan woods
recurrence yes
but eternal?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

What brought me here, so Removed from my fate?

A lugubrious lecture on Daoism puts me to musing,  perhaps happy as only a madman 
can be in an audience, smirking while thinking of other things
To see why a dog doesn't eat clementines I pounce on the orange flesh
and tear at it with piercing teeth, hands beneath the table. We both have canines in the corners.

This bar full of boring intentions, a meditation leaning post. The arrogance of humanity
at full beam.  This is what dim lighting seeks to address. 
What too drink.. all too ghastly when not in the rhythm..scotch, gin, gay light rum, smoothest thrice filtered Irish dews.  Cochise would abhor this fate
you could say international finance has become quantum physics, its about movement, speed and not any substantial location, or to paraphrase Heraclitus, there is nothing wrong with the world, its just men who think these things.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

 C                         C7
I aint promising you the earth
G                              D
I aint even promising you the u.s.a

Monday, 29 October 2012

All the great french books on alchemy

Saint germain, Sadoul, de Rola, Fulcanelli

He Walked to Jerusalem


from Nancy Brat
Seperate the real thing
From the wishfull thinking
Life is serious
But art is gay
There you are
hell again

Harsh words,

Best ignored

Hesitate and you're

black trees
In the blue seas
Below, are
digitised tears
Streets wide with
Illiterate confetti

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Liebe Orchidee

Glamour leaps out of the
Pools of her eyes
its not always what you express 
that shews the real intention beneath
To be in the foregaze of
shadow pamphleteers
it has never felt as hollow as 
it does now
now cladded in warm manure,
worried the romantic veneer would 
evaporate, the Rommeer polish
The old jail is now a new hotel,
room service continues.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Into Eternity Unawares

To arise mutally
The sky is, in a way
The mother of the stars
Of course no woman is a mother
Until she has child
Space doesn't come to be
Matrix of the world 
Until there is a thing to nurture 
Opposites arise mutually.

All this incessant marching to
and fro the twenty four hour store
Gurning the tins
"Intelligent ?  intelligent enough to be
resourceful in lean times"

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Reflect in the knowledge
you are loved.
the child who's parents
are resigned
to their ashtray hair,
 & declasse cocktail evenings
and the miserable harvests
of their empires
Drinking like camels
from the true vines

Don't trip over the powerlines
you gotta walk between them
the charmless and the bland
cannot persevere because
they are crying from the 
heart of annihilation

Saturday, 13 October 2012

..but love is ego's dissolution

Regrets ?  I've a collage-full
called the Avalanche
Libido and Anorak, Freud's primo mobiles
leave no room for 
the alchemical dissolution above,
Only for perpetuating Id's and eggs,
doms & subs
This is quite for the course
in courtships preceding
but not in the catastrophe of love itself

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Out of great sadness
Come terrific silences
And not so deliberate denials
Only rarely comes great beauty

Was she wearing faux fur?
Or did rivers run with the blood
Of onyx, wildcat
The bucket seats were done out
In walrus hide

I'm on the lunatic fringe
I'll shave my hair,
Wear a wig
join a union,
join a guild

difference between tory and conservative

 and Midas' joys our Spanish journeys give
we touch all gold, but find no food to live  - Donne


Tory Conference - Britain...resuscitate, rise, Continue progress.. To compete with the old despotic nations* is folly.
Why not Conserve?  Why not resign ourselves to a Deliberate Cuban model ?  (Deliberate, meaning planned preservation of quality architecture and motorcars rather than unintentional neglect due to political ostracization)$.  Restoration is the answer to this puzzle of what could be the New Industry..(also converting new, clean engineering to fit with old housings)  After all a lots been built, that we haven't already torn down.  The Fruit wool exchange debacle, an example of what we shouldn't be doing any longer, space expanding unit condensing so developers can profit flogging phony hopeful office-futures to yuppie mugs who want desperately to gleam with 1990's optimism, wear white collar, and to appear as fresh as the latest automobile.  This may all be nothing more than a cry for turning society into buddhist beggar-bowling but maybe we should get with the third world, man, and start recycling coke cans, cars, cycles, and buses..the junkyard is the limit e.g.  this vintage mercedes made in Madagascar from tiger beer cans: 

Civil virtues with 3 graces, lets do what nobody expects and manage our decline as if it were the declension it surely is. Lets face the actual problems instead of ignoring them in favour of future boom fantasies - an industrialism which nobody has wanted in Europe since the last war, except for the Germans because there was after all nothing left for them to do but build beetles in derelict factories for a vast opening yankee market.  The golden age, that beauty of 50's capitalism, which was so effervescent in the shadow of A-bomb, that spirit can not return, the environment cannot be exploited anymore and besides, aesthetic design values now are atrocious, hollow & nihilist in comparison.. As regards the competition..we can't compete now that there is no more west to win, they scoured that out since colonising California after WW2 and it finished neatly with silicon valley.  Only place to go after that was the middle east (in neuro-geographic terms, a blind alley).  That was the end of the line, the rest is..inward turning, Nowhere to go for "America" just like everywhere else folks...but to what it is already, has achieved / just don't make a theme park out of it.  Or, war with China ?  Someone will come up with moral reasons for that, surely ?  Accept yourself, ex-industrial countrymen; unless we are only able to define ourselves with pointless intrepidations and external vanquishings.  We're already vanquishing everything with abstract vehicles because we believe we've the right to do so.

*modern industrial nations
$ this problem isn't limited to a country like Cuba 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mon cher, don't take offence
it was all rendered in English
you never saw my horse, Frenzy, 
headbutt a tiled wall

The scent of truth or, 
the soul of youth
Beauty is pain, because pain 
is truth and hencewith 
true art is tragic

In the town I live in 
almost all the windowpanes
are soiled
How could I be 
slower than my mirage of love?

Sunday, 7 October 2012


please baby
forgive my
its not that the problem
anywhere in there
like all men, I'm just a liar.

you've stolen all the tears
like there ain't
enough starry dew
for the both of us

Monday, 24 September 2012

the death penalty,
popular again
a terrible undercurrent
belies us
in our Malthusian maelstrom

Who is this shallow egoist 
whom the collective female
consistently rails against ?

Oh, ghastly phenomena
of railways and plumbers

do you remember
squareformat telly ?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Monday, 10 September 2012

Hope's progress

Those who pursue hope in the answers and speculations, the
wonderful hypotheses of science are the ones looking for
certainty and a future predicated by hope in progress.   The hopes of the lowest evangelical believer are less offensive because they aren't as arrogant in the certainties of their great assumptions, hedged in as they are by delusions of the most grandiose of loves.

Friday, 31 August 2012

When there is nowhere to go except to solitariness and waste

One can still maintain public vigil of religion gothic or necronomicon, 
defying things new, modern, blatantly consumerhalten in uniform or common-crowd;  
of things manu-factured - bought, sold for no other reason than that they are deemed 
essential to the unrichened social consideration of joining the largest group imaginable, 
oblivious that largest is also lowest. 

It was as if the Mormons rebuilt Vegas in Canada, delegating it to
Hutterites.  Searching now even for analog lightbulbs, theres no
avenue of escape other than behind the cash registers.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

People were hard then
self pity was forbidden
Duelling was common
even among the middling types

As rough as it gets now
is ordering hot wings after eleven
in Clapton or breakfasting
at a former working men's cafe
in Bethnal green

Friday, 20 July 2012

Re-usable Art Statement

Readymade.  Found. The Glib curtain. To insert your own titles, hang your own escutcheons.  Recycle, Re-use.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Rabid Prophet / a little knowledge ain't always..

Missed this weekend's Zizek book launch in Dalston, Hackney.  It's hard to
believe that a 1000-odd page book on Hegel is a cause for sybaritic revels.
Not wishing to cast general aspersions but it is unlikely that the Dalston Jugendstil
have read much of their prophet, or, after all the beer swilling, will really
have time for Hegel either.  Anyway, swipes aside, more importantly:
This week in a Europe where football gets more thought...
On this day - of the Greek election which may decide the future of the single european economy;
Something interesting Zizek said in the L.R.B. last week about the eurozone and choice :

"Here is the paradox that sustains the ‘free vote’ in democratic societies: one is free to choose on condition that one makes the right choice. This is why, when the wrong choice is made (as it was when Ireland rejected the EU constitution), the choice is treated as a mistake, and the establishment immediately demands that the ‘democratic’ process be repeated in order that the mistake may be corrected. When George Papandreou, then Greek prime minister, proposed a referendum on the eurozone bailout deal at the end of last year, the referendum itself was rejected as a false choice".
...."Here is the paradox that sustains the ‘free vote’ in democratic societies: one is free to choose on condition that one makes the right choice. This is why, when the wrong choice is made (as it was when Ireland rejected the EU constitution), the choice is treated as a mistake, and the establishment immediately demands that the ‘democratic’ process be repeated in order that the mistake may be corrected."   ('Save us from the Saviours'  07/06/12)

I think here the prophet spake well.

Not wanting to nit-pick, but in the same publication (Resistance is Surrender 15/11/07)
and in the letters that follow theres a lot of toing and froing about the intellectual left being
whores to power.  It is obvious there is a liberal elite when you find yourself reading these
profound theses in a subscriber-only publication which has joyously, if not excruciating, long pieces.
As far as the great proletariat are concerned, one notes the journalism they tend to follow are 

not the manna of the intellectual elites, being of the star, mirror & sun varieties, nonethelessred-topped but eschewed by those who consider themselves in the know.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

booze, butties and butterflies

"Equal but different".
Denies individuality..prevents human rights, has to dehumanize by levelling everyone.  Levelling isn't the same as raising up..quite the opposite.  For us to all be peas-in-a-pod, together in superb social harmony, we all need to be the same. Since we cannot all be the same, we are made us much as possible to think the same. (see all totalitarian Eastern European states, all inspired by rationalism).
The problem is always of who it is that decides, who sits council, on what is equal and what is not.  Those who are more equal vs. those who are deemed less equal.  The problem of the supremacy of a minority is henceforth not solved.

 If we are indeed all equal but different,  if this is in fact self-evident, what is there  to object to?  If this was in fact an objective truth about humanity, or of human existence on earth,  then why oppose and create division with ideas of inequality? What is there to negate?  How could this state of objection arise if it were, in fact, not so? 

Milton's Lucifer  - or, the origin of modern American conspiracy theories- whether they have the hues of christian, democrat, or republican.  Notably, they orbit around and if not center on, the Jew.   This has historical precedence in the Reformation where initially, the foe was Popery, and its adherents Catholics.  These are puritan diatribes, affirming the same old self-righteousness of people in the time of James I in the early 17thC, down to what they deem the other, lesser reprobate peoples (a kind of bad seed, prone to wickedness and evil) whom they can pronounce judgement and damnations upon.  IT is essential Cane trying to re-condemn Able.

Liberals in the U.S. often talk of being hushed, of their dissent marred by
a consensus-making media run and funded by capitalist greed-elites who wish to crush civil liberties.  While this is evidently happening, they often forget their own empowerment and mobility, that they are in turn galvanised by
a shrill, domineering, wealthy elite - Hollywood, people - their own Vox Populi  {"speaking on their behalf, giving them a voice"} such as Fonda+, Farrow, Redgrave, Penn, Moore, Sarandon who seek to encrust their gilded lives with a halo of whipped cream and sentimental schmaltz.  'Tis well known that the vast majority of Hollywood heavies are firmly democrat*.  
Yet, the problem of the supremacy of a minority isn't not solved, when the supreme minority appears to support an insignificant majority.  

*[notable exceptions to this rule being Hoagy Carmichael, Clint Eastwood & Arnold Schwarznegger].   +{married media oligarch Ted Turner, has since silenced herself}. 

Monday, 5 March 2012

Obituary: Tony Benn Esq,

Patron Saint of Parvenu Aristo Lefties everywhere, we salute you for your great stage presence, for
maintaining the theatrical tradition of English politics. 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pre-Industrial Gothic Revival / Arbeit Mach Frei

Concerning Greece, the appropriately named Michael Fuchs (Chairman of the German Group of the Trilateral Commission & Deputy Parliamentary Floor Leader for the German Christian Democrats) says "They have to get back on track" but who's track?  His track - the unending, indentured servitude of the German protestant work ethic with the need for insuperable, exponential industrial growth.  I hearby declare 'Arbeit macht frei', the old-testament thumping protestant toil ethic to be the wrong track, no one needs to be more like the Germans, and they've certainly not ditched the superiority complex.  Perhaps Merkel's country needs to get back on track, maybe the one it was on pre Luther, or at least before the industrial revolution.  That would be a good track to be on - to check the lunacy that the Chinese growth model is predicated upon, plastic consumerism, obsolescent motorcar manufacture. 

I am dismayed, being a devotee of deutsche auto technik, of how many superfluous models Mercedes, VW, and Audi are rolling out.  They should restore more existing old models, as there are too many cars in Europe.

*climatically its not possible to have industry on the scale of northern countries in southern countries.  You just have to experience any part of summer in the med to realise the difference - of course there isnt the urgent need for providence in the south because northern winter's require surplas storing (hence the north's industrial prowess). 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Monolith Gaze

In state controlled countries such as Burma, street business is booming
while large companies in liberal democratic economies are self-destructing with the exception of banks, who, in the Vampiric glory of bail outs, live on. 
Breaking up these monoliths would be preferable to consolidation 
(Schumpeter's creative destruction).
Capitalism is a vague abstraction like Communism.  The negative
aspects of both are the same thing - the monolithic rather than
the distinct freedom of the creative peculiar.

Zizek  opposes the gangster capitalism of former
GDR states like the one he comes from.
The cause of this gangsterism isn't capitalism but
the former communist state-monolith bureaucracy. 
The former and the current state of affairs are not a synthesis.

He is an apartment-confined intellectual,
but with Zizek I agree on at least three things- that Success mantra is repugnant,
and that the bank-monolith-Mammon's shouldn't of been bailed out; and
that ecological destruction is the Only conclusion of the previous two.

We are in unanimous agreement that the success mantra of corporate culture is
nauseous and culture would be greater if we Celebrated not Optimism but the
tragic - which reached its apotheosis in the crucified man-god.
The crucified man God - Christ - is the natural outcome of the
pantheon of classical gods. This was achieved by
(much maligned as merely the era of famine, plague  & maniacal superstition)
catholic culture at its height.
Nietzsche was unable to equate the self sacrificing god into his masterly essay, The Birth of Tragedy. He could not perceive, blinded as he was with his classical palate, by an instinctual distaste for Lutheranism,
that Christ was synthesis, Alpha & Omega, the outcome of the classical
conundrum, equitable with Zarathustra, after Diogenes and Heraclitus.


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