Wednesday, 10 October 2012

difference between tory and conservative

 and Midas' joys our Spanish journeys give
we touch all gold, but find no food to live  - Donne


Tory Conference - Britain...resuscitate, rise, Continue progress.. To compete with the old despotic nations* is folly.
Why not Conserve?  Why not resign ourselves to a Deliberate Cuban model ?  (Deliberate, meaning planned preservation of quality architecture and motorcars rather than unintentional neglect due to political ostracization)$.  Restoration is the answer to this puzzle of what could be the New Industry..(also converting new, clean engineering to fit with old housings)  After all a lots been built, that we haven't already torn down.  The Fruit wool exchange debacle, an example of what we shouldn't be doing any longer, space expanding unit condensing so developers can profit flogging phony hopeful office-futures to yuppie mugs who want desperately to gleam with 1990's optimism, wear white collar, and to appear as fresh as the latest automobile.  This may all be nothing more than a cry for turning society into buddhist beggar-bowling but maybe we should get with the third world, man, and start recycling coke cans, cars, cycles, and buses..the junkyard is the limit e.g.  this vintage mercedes made in Madagascar from tiger beer cans: 

Civil virtues with 3 graces, lets do what nobody expects and manage our decline as if it were the declension it surely is. Lets face the actual problems instead of ignoring them in favour of future boom fantasies - an industrialism which nobody has wanted in Europe since the last war, except for the Germans because there was after all nothing left for them to do but build beetles in derelict factories for a vast opening yankee market.  The golden age, that beauty of 50's capitalism, which was so effervescent in the shadow of A-bomb, that spirit can not return, the environment cannot be exploited anymore and besides, aesthetic design values now are atrocious, hollow & nihilist in comparison.. As regards the competition..we can't compete now that there is no more west to win, they scoured that out since colonising California after WW2 and it finished neatly with silicon valley.  Only place to go after that was the middle east (in neuro-geographic terms, a blind alley).  That was the end of the line, the rest is..inward turning, Nowhere to go for "America" just like everywhere else folks...but to what it is already, has achieved / just don't make a theme park out of it.  Or, war with China ?  Someone will come up with moral reasons for that, surely ?  Accept yourself, ex-industrial countrymen; unless we are only able to define ourselves with pointless intrepidations and external vanquishings.  We're already vanquishing everything with abstract vehicles because we believe we've the right to do so.

*modern industrial nations
$ this problem isn't limited to a country like Cuba 

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