Thursday, 19 November 2015

Because your father's love
eats you
because you drown your misery
in wine and french fries
We are all skeletons
and our flesh suddenly
gets tired of hugging the bone
Their heads follow their hearts &
their hearts are frequently misled.
their hearts..
follow their heads
and their heads..
are frequently misled.

Predators will put you out of
your misery,
humans will want to enslave you

She may wish to talk about
she don't know about religion,
God knows if shes heard of the
Cuban revolution

Disbelieving is for people
who fear death:
It is the expression of that fear.
Because the atheist is
looking to be free of the fear;
atheism is a faith that fear could be
overcome, but never feeling
it is overcome.
The fear of death is fear of nature;
fear is due to the separation from nature.

Chess is the will of the universe,
Unlike bland half-hearted  
sacramentalism in politics.
Greed is a freedom,
free-will to do wrong.
The moon is not a lie and
is not dead.
It is all we live for, spiritually
and materially.
The moon is a mercurial
striding upon silver clouds
Mocking all clear thought
and achievement. 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New Man Rotten hat

I met a desultory daydreamer,
Explicitly said out loud
he wasn't a fake
With an internet hotspot 
Bigger than a great lake
They took me to a new church
And baptized me with gibberish
She told me, "liquorice"
I am a new man.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Pleistocene Breakout

God does not exist !

you hear them crying

and they are not wrong.
But, as we suspected all along,

We do.

To Be

is different than
To Exist

in the Latin etymology

Exist comes from
the thing that gets out of

The (one who) is

/the one who sits (literal)

We emerge

from some
womb immanent

like a

Vastness that is

Like a skyline viewed

from the middle of the sea

or off the top of a mountain,


to those in the valley


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