Sunday, 27 December 2015

Oh Fox, feline hound
saline foe, serpentine member 

over a weary grey season 
the last dance of 
twinned redcoats
pert part prance

Unlike that adored 
rodent, the rabbit
You've earned your guise in the 
weft and wattle of this land

Would you see off 
the hoof smiths
horn blowers
horse chargers
Or is the hunter
as much in your heart as
you in his ?

Red flame-breasted brothers
the hounds, horns, thunder of claws
in each others'
imperceptible dream
Last free master of
mythical wiles,
and pitiless fate.

Will your embrace be ended,
your chronicle discontinued ?

Unknown muse 
of this land,
Scrutinized by
frivolous and benign bosoms,
extraneous mothers
Altogether a far-away steel gaze
pitifully projected upon fate

For it's a strange dance
on your pasture 
Beguiled, we remain with
your unwritten saga
Blinded by your bounty of wit 
Bound by your passion 
of war

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