Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Solution. 'We' make all number money worthless / Utopia

An Alan Ginsberg quote: "Abolish money". Make all number money worthless-
because so much of it is locked in an abstract state, in dormant or forgotten
bank accounts. "Trillions are need in Europe" - mentioned today on radio 4;
although couldn't tell what the context was but certainly not to do with project
healthcare or industrial investments, but about this 'mother of all' recessions.

Another Option is to cancel all Nation's debts (everyone wanted to do it for Africa a
few years ago - remember?)  This would "solve" the problem.   No more usury.
This Euro crisis is the obsession of the cash-wealthy last-gasp bankers, to sustain the
Belief in credit-worthy money & hence the usury system.  Without which so many
people would be made unemployed - banking people and their microserfs.  Have you 
seen how many Cubicles there are in the City of London ?  Thousands of lives, who's 
identity, who's reason to keep jogging & gymning depends on the maintenance 
of this maya, this mire, these ignoble redundance of humanity.  

Number data zombies moving it around secure computer systems. The matrix for real, only on one mundane cosmic plane.  And what of these gold-hounds?  These gold whores with cash converted into nugget bars nestling in super-vaults in the shadow of the Swiss Alps (or perhaps, Hatton Gardens).  If Fiat currency turns to zilch what would these Gold bars become ? -  Would it be they're be jayed into some kind of Imperial coin,  though to buy what with...apples?  Sharing 1 percent with the 99 percent is the least and meanest of our problems and is merely a .  The trouble from the Bourgeoisie comes from them no longer knowing the virtue of a seat.

:This is a real put off -as a 'stones fan'- Jean Luc Godard's "pseudo-revolutionary...
shoehorned militant black power garbage".  Whether it be Mao, or
Stokney Carmichael..

Are the Peasants revolting ? click here to read P.J. O'Rourke / P.J. O'Hawk

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