Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bad Euro = Single European Supermall

This is it. perfect democracy -  expressed perfectly in the global banking system. Anyone anywhere can be a banker. Democracy has topped itself. The Global banking system in its purest form is, in abstract, a hornblast for democracy.  The essential nature of global banking is the realm of inhuman, non-human digital, fairly impersonal nature and therefore quite entirely democratic because no discrimination can enter between the financial equations and transactions. Hooray for the de-mos.

You almost heard it here first:  Solution to the euro crisis - Central European Government, Brussels takes all. Get in on the game now. Superstate. Its like a supermarket, all under one umbrella. Possible bad news for individuals, cultures. "Member states will be protected..".  Post WW2 European union was leading to no borders, then one currency, now, the obvious conclusion, One Government.  Ciao. Conspiracy nuts have been on a masterplan nurtured by "the Bankers".  News just breaking...Merkal wants 'fiscal unity'.  One bank. One Europe. Divide and Conquer, but call Reich Four, 'unity'.  Ingenious.  I design supermalls on google sketch in my spare time. I will shop it around.

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