Monday, 19 September 2011

Thugs, brutes, conmen,
Placenta chowed down 
bastards & various adolescent

Mike Marsdon
Alfred Blood
Alfred Mook
 Alisson Durrique D'abo
Feedback loops
Norman weiner(electrical circuit loops)
Odun: ecology
Club of Rome : limits to growth.
Jay Forrester
Greed of the western elites


A Great man is,  at best, the one who
realises qualities possessed by others.
He is only supreme for that revelation,

He sees his limitations
Unlike janus-faced
non-hierarchical community espousers,
he realises the distinct.

Individual interests are not petty
because they are talents
or at least latent.

What drives people is pewter,
Or to be more specific, the idea of
Happiness which is the same as power.

To proceed with Egalite,
has to be enforced
Thence, hierarchical,
whilst in constant denial

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