Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Docking of the Mad Dog Rupert Murdoch

Now that the most extreme examples of the free press have been docked, their hitherto much-gorged upon excesses of bad taste brought to extreme scrutiny, the mob braying for the tyrant's blood - since the wind of the vox populi is now blowing against them, since they're now effectively busted, now what ? They (the elites, the liberal celebs) have found the perfect excuse to curtail press freedoms and bring about a new order of things whereby the yobs and the chavs (supposedly Rupert's beloved red-top supporters)  can be put out as beyond the pale as possible.
Perhaps a victory for debauched roman empire tyrant lunatics like Berlosconi rather than the contrary.  As usual no-one has thought this through, they've let their slave instincts get the better of them.

(Leveson enquiry, hugh grant, jk rowling, hacking scandal, news of the world)

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